Hurricane Prep 101 For Coastal Carolinas

Dated: 09/10/2018

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Per Governor McMaster's 2:30pm press conference
today, September 10,  2018:

Effective 12:00pm Tuesday 9/11:
• Mandatory evacuation of all coastal counties including Dorchester and Berkeley
• Lane reversal of I-26
• State government offices and schools will be closed in 26 counties (essentially Columbia to the coast and in-between)
• County and local gov’t and school closures will be up to the jurisdictions but are encouraged

Effective immediately: 
• Mandatory evacuations of all medical facilities to include nursing homes

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Know Your Zone

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Tune In To Local Coverage

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Know Your Zone and monitor local weather at stations such as the links above, and tune into information provided by state officials. Be sure to prepare ahead of time and make a plan of action. A few other things to remember-

• Do not publicly broadcast your intentions to evacuate. This is an open invitation for thieves and looters. Protect your belongings and only inform family or friends.
• If you stay in town and your cell phone runs down, don't forget you can charge it with USB on laptops and in your car. Don't drain the battery playing games during the storm. Stay in touch with someone.
• If you leave, be prepared for traffic. It may take up to 4 times as long to get anywhere. That's not an exaggeration.
• In case of downed limbs, flooding, loss of power, emergency services may be very limited. Don't plan on being able to immediately drive anywhere once power returns. 
• Be aware of flooding and storm surge. Be mindful of flood zones and remember that flooding doesn't always happen instantly. The water has to go somewhere after the storm and drainage isn't always perfect.
• Bring inside any potential projectile objects such as trash cans, kayaks, lawn furniture, flower pots, basically if you can lift it easily the wind can too. Your neighbors will thank you.
**If you have a current listing, be sure to bring your lawn sign in and secure it.

Some additional Resource Links:

SC Emergency Management Division

The Post & Courier

Mike's Weather Page

Mike's Weather Page on Facebook

Charleston County Schools

Dorchester County II Schools

Dorchester County IV Schools

Berkeley County Schools

If you are local to the Charleston area, keep in touch with us if we can help. 

Feel free to share our Hurricane Prep 101 tips.

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Hurricane Prep 101 For Coastal Carolinas

Per Governor McMaster's 2:30pm press conferencetoday, September 10,  2018:Effective 12:00pm Tuesday 9/11:• Mandatory evacuation of all coastal counties including Dorchester and Berkeley•

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