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Dated: August 2 2021

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College Football season finally begins in August, and fans all around the country are excited for a return to normalcy with packed stadiums and out of conference opponents. College football changed more than ever during the off-season with the implementation of NIL rules and the introduction of Oklahoma and Texas to the SEC, and as fans and athletes alike navigate new territory this season, it can be a lot to keep track of! As you get ready to cheer on your favorite teams, we’re going to help you prepare for football season by giving you the rundown on some of the best games you don’t want to miss for the 2021 season- so read on, and get ready for tailgates, cheering, and lots of fun! 

  1. Clemson vs. Georgia- Saturday, September 4th, 7:30 PM

Clemson and Georgia used to play each other annually and it was a fan-favorite game on both sides of the aisle. Since the two teams last played, Clemson has become a national powerhouse and won two national championships, and Kirby Smart has brought Georgia back to the forefront of college football with an SEC title. This game is all but guaranteed to be a week one top 5 matchup, and the winner of this game could very well go on to win the national championship. 

  1. Ohio State vs. Oregon, Saturday, September 11th, 12:00 PM

This game was supposed to happen last season, but because of Coronavirus restrictions, the game had to be pushed a year. This means one more year of planning and preparing for a big time PAC-12/ BIG 10 matchup. Oregon’s QB1 situation is still up in the air, and Ohio State has a reload after a big year and the loss of key players like Justin Fields and Shaun Wade. The last time these two teams met was in a National Championship Game, and a win this year for Oregon could put them in position to end the PAC-12’s CFP drought. 

  1. Auburn vs. Penn State, September 18th, 7:30 PM

This game marks the first ever time that Auburn will play a BIG 10 Team during the regular season, and Penn State is welcoming them with a white out. Between two teams who have a bit of a reputation for underperforming during big games, this matchup is sure to be a fun, evenly matched game. 

  1. Texas vs. Texas Tech, September 25th, Time TBD

Well, this is awkward. After leaving the SEC but being locked into a contract until 2024 (whether they will get out before then remains to be seen), Texas is going to be the BIG 12’s favorite target. After last year's game went to overtime, the Red Raiders will be looking for a win. Be on the lookout for a lot of ‘horns down’, perhaps without the promised penalty.

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