Building A Guilt Free January

Dated: January 2 2019

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Do you feel guilty in January? Like all you want to do is to veg out with Netflix but your conscience is pushing you to try and get something productive done? January seems tailor made to just relax, and generally recover from the holiday season. The weather is pushing you to grab a blanket and some cocoa but the thought of another round of Game of Thrones or Black Mirror has you feeling a little sheepish.
The secret to having your marathon and enjoying it too is to take on easily managed January chores of decluttering and organizing that can be done in small increments.

Here is a list of achievable life management chores that will have you feeling like you are "done and done"!

5 Minute Chores

  • Jot down a fix-it list

  • Unsubscribe from 3 emails that drive you nuts

  • Clean or change at least one household filter (Central air/Brita/Stove Vent)

  • Clean out under the oven or behind the refrigerator

  • Set up mail order delivery for regular prescriptions

  • Download a meditation app

1 Hour or Less Chores

  • Clean out the freezer

  • Set a timer and delete emails that you don’t need anymore

  • Dump out make-up bag, edit, clean and restock

  • Purge 10 things from your worst closet

  • Organize filing cabinet, shred old documents

  • Buy one year’s worth of birthday cards and stamps

  • Identify three new meals that you’re excited to put into regular rotation

  • Pick one of those boxes of “stuff” in your closet/basement/attic etc. and sort it

  • Clean out the car

  • Make doctor and dentist appointments for the family for the whole year

A Weekend

  • Take care of all the holiday returns

  • Paint that room (you know the one)

  • Create some space in the garage

  • Start prepping for tax time

  • Re-outfit a closet with shelves and bins so that it actually works.

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