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Dated: July 19 2015

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Does your home need a facelift? Moving into a brand new home? You don't have to deplete your bank account to do it. There are many ways you can spruce up your home that's affordable.  You have several DIY options available to you that will help change the interior look without spending a ton of money.


Add some color to a room by painting an entire accent wall, or choose a color palette with similar tones. You can buy paint for fairly cheap and it can make a drastic impact on the atmosphere of a room. You can also add value when you're ready to sell your home by switching to neutral colors. Grab a friend or family member, visit your local home improvement store, and you can knock out a project pretty quickly!

You can also transform old furniture by a couple coats of paint. Maybe pick a completely different color that pops against the rest of your color scheme! Or, find some how-to's on Pinterest to get a distressed or vintage look.

An entire kitchen or bath remodel can get expensive. Consider painting dated cabinets, removing doors, or replacing hardware or drawer pulls to boost its character and appeal.


A terrific way to outfit or decorate spaces inside your home on a budget is to do it yourself whenever you can. Tap into your own talents (or those of a good friend), and take a leap into doing something outside the box. There are tons of tutorials and videos to help you by visiting your local bookstore or YouTube! Lay down some laminate flooring or vinyl, or swap out dated plumbing or lighting fixtures for more modern, energy efficient ones. Refurbish thrift store or antique store finds instead of buying new items. Get creative with crafting your own window treatments or accent pieces by checking out resources online. We've seen some pretty neat stuff made with plastic spoons! Look for ideas to make simple and easy shelving, headboards, or tables. Re-purpose items you already have in your home, like flowers, jars, vases, or even frame your child's artwork or a cool photograph.

Furnishing Your House With Limited Funds

You can find furniture to fit your taste and style almost anywhere. Get frugal by searching flea markets, garage sales, local shops or Craigslist for unique items to enhance your spaces. Try to keep your purchase choices functional so that they can be used for every day life instead of just buying knick knacks that take up room or often get tossed in the junk pile later anyway. Hang pots and pans, daily coffee cups or fruit to save counter space. Display decorative jars, vintage dishes, or bowls by keeping edible fruits or vegetable in them from week to week. 

Decorating, furnishing, or refurbishing on a dime IS achievable AND can be fun for the whole family. Be wise. Be frugal. Be creative.


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