Stand Out How To Stage Your Home In Winter

Dated: November 30 2018

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The real estate market slows down in the winter, we all know that. Buyers don’t want to brave the cold and wind, and it’s usually not a convenient time for them to move anyway. Sellers, especially in our area, know that their homes show better in warmer weather and don’t want people tracking in mud; and stowing all those coats and boots every time someone wants a showing can be challenging.

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But sometimes it just can’t be helped and you find yourself with a listing that is up for consideration during the winter months. Is there a way to turn the season to your advantage?

Utilizing a few tricks can help your listing stand out from the crowd and have your home under contract before you can say winter storm warning.

Spending time on curb appeal will always pay you back, especially in the winter. Make sure that you’ve added new mulch or pine needles and that your plantings are in tip top shape. Clean out your gutters if you have them and if, (heaven forbid) it snows, get those walkways and steps shoveled right away and do it well!

As for winter time décor, err on the side of simplicity, ditch the blow-up decorations and make use of fresh greenery instead. A simple fresh-cut wreath with a big bow will go a long way. A new coat of paint on the front door is a good idea at any time of year and can help you stand out from the rest. After New Year’s, get rid of all the holiday décor immediately.  Opt instead for a clean aesthetic. Think bowls of lemons and limes.

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Keep it cozy! Make sure that your home is nice and warm when buyers come to call. A cold home will have them ready to move on just to get back to their car heaters. The last thing you want is them thinking that your home is a bear to heat or that your heating system might have issues.

If you have a fireplace or gas logs, get them going! This not only will help with the temperature, but the ambience created will have them envisioning evenings by the fire in no time!

This should go without saying but make sure that your home is clean and great smelling. Choose seasonal scents like evergreen, orange and/or cloves and it never hurts to bake a pan of cookies just before a showing.

It’s all about creating a scene and helping the buyer visualize themselves in your home. Your goal is to design a setting that will have them imagining how easy it would be living and entertaining there. 

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